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Recycled HDPE Granules

Shivalik poilyaddd industries pvt ltd offer high quality HDPE granules that are muilti purpose polyethylene used in diverse industrial sectors for specific applications .recycled HD granules offered by us, are known for their strength and quality as they are made from good quality plastic scrap our range of recycles HD granules are available in various specifications and are used in applications in varied industries.

  • Excellent for any food industry products, FDA, NSFand USDA approved for direct contact.
  • Good chemical resistance and high rigidity make it a good choice for trays and tanks
  • Other uses include pipe fittings, wear plates, hinges and cutting boards
  • Good impact resistance, light weight, very low moisture absorption and high tensile strength. Mechanical fastenings is one option but preferably joined by hot air or nitrogen welding. Also supports ultrasonic, laser and infrared welding.

SP 100

  • MFI 0.1

SP 80

  • MFI 0.3

SP 60

  • MFI 0.5 - 1


  • 0.6 MFI
  • Available in natural, white, blue, red (all colour)


  • 8.0 MFI
  • Available in all colour (blue ,red ,yellow etc )
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Recycled LLDPE granules

Shivalik polyadd industries pvt ltd manufactures top quality LLDPE granules.This range of linear low densitry polyethylene granules has a large number of qualitative features,making it perfect for multitude of applications across industries.we have marked our presence as one of the dominant LLDPE granules suppliers and manufactures in india.

  • Flim applications
  • Packing
  • Roto application


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Recycled HM granules

Shivalik recycled HM granules are processed using latest technology and are in demand by various indutreis owing to their qualitative features.

Shivalik recycled HM granules are stringently checked on various parameters during and after the manufacture process to provide the best grade to our clients.

  • carry bags
  • liners
  • tarpaulins
  • packings items


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Recycled LDPE granules

Shivalik Polyadd industries Pvt Ltd cater very soft and pliable LDPE granules for various applications. Also called thermoplastics, LDPE is a substantially liner polymer (polyethylene)made from petroleum. Our company supplies optimum quality low density polyethylene granules with best quality and pricing to give you an upper edge in competition.

  • films and liners
  • carry bags
  • tarpaulins
  • good for parts that require flexibility
  • trays and containers
  • food storage and laboratory
  • corrosion resistant work surface
  • tarpaulin lamination
  • Used as raw material in Kishan Pipe
  • Used as raw material in Kishan Pipe
  • Our special grade used 100% in drip irrigation pipes and kisan pipes.
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Recycled Polypropylene Granules

Shivalik polypropylene granules are hard and tough and used to make moulded particles .we offer premium polypropylene granules best know for their high tensile strength and elongation that ensure the best quality of end products..

  • textile over wraps
  • garment bags and woven fabrics
  • snack food packing
  • furniture and house ware industry
  • packing industry
  • textile industry
  • stationery industry
  • plastic parts and reusable containers of various types.
  • Natural pp, moulding grade ,mfi 8-12
Colour pp
  • Available in all colours
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Roto Moulding Powder (LLDPE)

Roto moulding powder ,white powder ,blue tone ,white powder,black powder,blue powder ,green powder ,foaming powder.

Roto moulding powder available in any colour as per customer’s requirement.

  • plastic storage tanks
  • plastic fuel tanks
  • fuel storage tanks
  • chemical storage tank
  • ice box
  • fisheries box
  • plastic bins
  • insulated tanks
  • hot water tanks
  • water tanks
  • material handing crates
  • virgin water tank


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Master Batches

White masterbatch, coloured masterbatches,foam masterbatche,UV stabiliser masterbatche,antioxidant masterbatche,black masterbatchs,filler masterbatches.

Masterbatches applications

Roto molding –ready to use pre coloured powder and micro pellets light stable colors for extended outdoor exposure UV masterbatches for preventing polymer degradation.

Injection  molding -standard and customized colors including special effects additives like mold release ,anti static and sink mark removal.

Blow molding- standard and customized colors for food packing and pharmaceutical bottles cost  reduction with speciality filler masterbatch for blow molding.

Film extrusion-additives like anti bloc,slipad anti static food contact approved colors for food packing us stabilizer filler masterbatch for both mono and muilti layer application black masterbatch with very high dispersion.

Sheet extrusion-nuleating masterbatch for PS bas injection foamed sheet for food trays,white additives and filler for PP and PS thermo form sheets

PP/PE wovensacks extrution –light stable (non fading)colour UV masterbatches with excellent price performance ratio filler masterbatch(calcium)with high loading additives to increase filler loading

PP/PE monofilament –colours additives and UV stabilizers.PIPE EXTRUSION black with up to 55% carbon loading colours for PE and PPR pipes processing and heat stablilizers .special grade for drip irrigation pipes.

Advantages of using our filler masterbatches

  • very low dust formation
  • higher loading upto 50%
  • customized grades with special colours
  • special grade with ultra fine calcium for very thin film extrution
  • additives packages for increase in strength even with high loading of filler master batch
filler master batch applications
  • pp and pe woven sacks
  • mono and muiltylayer films
  • blow molding
  • injection molding
  • ps sheets




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