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At Shivalik, providing the highest level of quality is not just an operating philosophy, it’s an all-encompassing (critical) process reality.

Shivalik is equipped with highly sophisticated German analytical equipment to provide quick and concise data for various parameters being tested ensuring a complete technical analysis of each lot. Quality control is based on the statistical analysis of these parameters by skilled professionals. Each lot is tested for parameters like colour differences, pallet uniformity, dispersion, specific gravity, moisture, tensile strength, elongation, flexural modules, izod impact, melt flow index, heat distortion and density. Each lot carries a Quality Certificate listing the average value of each parameter measured along with the minimum and maximum value found in that specific lot.

To make Shivalene a truly International product, consistent quality practices and test procedures are strictly implemented in daily processes. Implementation of 5 S & 6 Sigma norms is under training process.

All the raw material that make Shivalene are FDA approved & of highest quality. Strict cleanliness rules are observed. The manufacturing is facilitated with necessary infrastructure to avoid any kind of atmospheric changes to the product.

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