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A. Shivalene UV Stabilizer (Shiva Ultra)
This will help improve UV resistance as per the requirement of the end user. These master batches are superior in quality and increase the working life of moulded and extruded product, when exposed to sunlight. It also offers weather ability characteristics to moulded items for outdoor applications, irrigation pipes, automobile components, crates, films, rotomoulded tanks, garden chairs etc.
B. Shivalene Anti-Oxidant (ShivaOxi)
Antioxidant masterbatches are used in polymers to avoid the oxidative degradation at higher processing / application temperature. These masterbatches thus helps in retaining gloss, mechanical properties of the product which would otherwise deteriorate.
C. Shivalene Lubricant (Shivalub)
These masterbatches produce lubricity, reduce coefficient of friction and improve abrasion resistance. The material is used in inside coating of pipes. This can be also used to coat any plastics surface where friction is to be reduced.
D. Shivalene Anti-Block
Antiblock masterbatches are primarily used in mono / multilayer blown film for flexible packaging. These are based on the combination of highly pure and ultra refined silica and amide additives. It counter acts the tendency of extruded films in sticking together and helps in improving the opening characteristics of films/bags.
E. Shivalene Slip Agents
Slip masterbatches are based on amide additives, which migrate to the surface of the extruded/moulded plastic product and offer a mono molecular layer. This layer reduces the coefficient of friction (C.O.F.) between the layers of the film and other surfaces which are in contact with the film.
F. Shivalene Flame Retardants
To produce flame retarded product which would pass the fire testing. The product would not catch fire as per the standard. The flame retardant used can be as per customers demand.
G. Shivalene Processing Aids
This is to ease processing of Polymers with fillers (Glass, Wood, Minerals).
The other benefits are removal of die lines, melt fracture, back pressure and increase in gloss and output. These masterbatches are also used in blow moulded items to improve the output and gloss on the surface.
H. Shivalene Pearlescents
This gives the pearl like effect to the end product. The material is added with imported additives and special effect pigment to impart pearl effect in to the end product. The additives used would not affect any other properties of the plastics.
I. Shivalene Opaque (to replace TiO2)
This is to improve opacity of the product and use economical product to get similar effect of TiO2. The additives used are imported from Germany. The film surface is glossy and smooth with desired whiteness and opacity. The product used is having particle size of 1 micron.
J. Shivalene whitening agents
This is to produce white and opaque with low density. The additive used would not affect any properties of plastics. The material will have white colour of the end product. This also can be used as replacement of TiO2. Thus cost reduction is achieved.
K. Shivalene Brightner
This is to enhance brightness of the product. The optical properties of material is improved by affective the reflective index of the product. The product does not change the colour of the base polymer and no degradation at higher processing temperature.
L. Shivalene Polyadd
This is to replace costly polymer like PE / PP. This gives smooth surface finish with high gloss and reduces cost. The mechanical properties are enhanced. The material is stable even at higher processing temperature and high speed processing.
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