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A.   Shivalene PP compound for Automobile parts / Furniture / Appliances
We can provide Calcium, Talc, Glass, Nano clay or any other mineral compound, based on the desired end product properties. This is ready to use compound and gives the desired properties as per the requirement of the part to be produced.
B.   Shivalene HD compound for Blow / Injection moulding and Pipe
The compound is available with customers’ choice of mineral or any other combination of Filler. This ready to use compound can be added to raw material to enhance or modify mechanical properties of the end product and reduce cost.
C.  Toll Compounding for any application or polymer
SPIL 003 PS : This is a special grade developed based on customer requirements. The carrier material is Polystyrene special grade to match with the requirement of HIPS and PS both.

This can be added to Extrusion sheet and Injection moulding of HIPS and PS products. This is with special imported coated Calcium and Additives to improve output, and mechanical properties of the end product.
Shivalene Calcium Filled Compound Masterbatches
Shivalene Additive Masterbatches
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